Voice of Customer

Listen to what your clients have, need and want to express. It is widely used to capture the customer's comments (internal or eternal) and be able to deliver the best possible quality of service, improve products or simply reinforce an idea of value.

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EmotioCX - Voice of Customer (VoC) simplified
Voice of Customer

Discover the real pain
of your clients

The clients are brutally honest when exposing their problems, their opinions and their way of seeing things. VoC is a reflection of the affective bond that exists between your clients and your company.

Do you know how affect the perception of the affective relationship to the VoC?

Understanding what "hurts" clients is important and many times it is necessary to cross-check data to understand the causes of a bad experience. EmotioCX helps you understand the emotions of the NEV after each comment.
EmotioCX - Voice of Customer (VoC)

Do not force the relationship,
invite them subtly

We understand that sharing a comment is not something that comes from the background of each person, but that is something of their own; an intention to contribute, to improve or simply to express a feeling.

Valuable information:
scan and evaluate

VoC is a key part of a simplified CX program that measures the experiences of your clients in 2 phases: Interaction with touchpoint and affective perception.
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"The best publicity you can have is a loyal customer who talks about how amazing your brand is”.

Shep Hyken
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Cognitive Assessment

People compare their experiences with previous ones. Do they value you?
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Understand the complexity of the groups of people that interact with your services.
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Net Emotional Value

Discover what kind of affective relationship you have in the short and long term.
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