Types of Studies

We offer a high-level Customer Experience program that made the task of collecting data, something as simple as sending an email or scanning a QR code.

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EmotioCX - Types of studies
Types of studies

Create studies in
less than 5 minutes

Optimize your time, apply a specialized program to implement Customer Experience in 4 simple steps, focusing on what is important, with standard metrics of the global industry.

Closed study: Ideal to deepen the knowledge of a specific group

Are you looking to understand in detail the behavior of your customers? Apply the study with the options of VC, CSAT, NPS, NEV and VoC to understand the factors that condition their behaviors when interacting with your services and products.

Open study: The best way
to explore the terrain

Discovering the needs of your clients is not easy when you do not know the context. Along with the traditional offer, it adds demography, self-perception and a personalized question to an open study.

What type of study will you
apply to your clients?

We teach you how to do an open and closed study in our blog, where we show you the steps to follow to implement the CX program that best suits you.
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"Customers do not expect you to be perfect. They expect you to fix things when they go wrong".

Donald Porter
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Net Emotional Value

Discover what kind of affective relationship you have in the short and long term.
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Customer Satisfaction

Know the satisfaction of your customers in real time, on your important touchpoints.
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Voice of Customer

Listen to what your clients have, need and want to express.
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Cognitive Assessment

People compare their experiences with previous ones. Do they value you?
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