Customer Satisfaction

Know the satisfaction of your customers in real time, on your important touchpoints. The decision making is influenced by the quality of the customer service we provide, which makes it imperative to learn from the customer, to put it in the center.

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EmotioCX - Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
Customer Satisfaction

How did it make you feel?

It is the most empathetic question. It allows people to identify themselves in 5 emojis with 5 different moods. If for some reason the experience was not satisfactory, with EmotioCX it is very easy to identify the event in conflict and take the appropriate measures to remedy the negative experience.

CSAT is a factor that helps to stand out from the competition

The CSAT score is the most direct customer satisfaction survey methodology. And you may have guessed by its name: it measures customer satisfaction.
EmotioCX - Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) made simple

Advice: CSAT and productivity

CSAT helps diagnose the effectiveness of your management strategies and understand the experiences that general self-service tools. Our process is intuitive and simple, designed for the self-report of emotions from "very sad" to "very happy".

Measurement of satisfaction:
scan and evaluate

CSAT is part of a simplified CX program that measures the experiences of your clients in 2 phases: Interaction with touchpoint and affective perception.
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"Always remember the old adage: customers remember the service for much longer than the price".

Lauren Freedman
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