Customer Experience Metrics

Triangulate the satisfaction, loyalty and relationships you have with your customers. Access a new level of understanding of the needs of people who maintain an interest in your services. Develop an empathy that loyalty with effectiveness and strategy.

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EmotioCX - Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score

Measure the loyalty of
your customers in real time

EmotioCX allows a quick and easy collection of the perceptions that people have about your services and products. We facilitate the visualization and understanding of the insights of your customers.
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Net Emotional Value

Do you know what emotions
you inspire in your clients?

NEV shows how you are doing with your customer experience. Some emotions generate a short-term purchase, in turn, others do so in the long term. We allow us to understand emotions and how they generate value in any direction.
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EmotioCX - Net Emotional Value
EmotioCX - Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

How did it make you feel?

It is the most empathetic question. It allows people to identify themselves in 5 emojis with 5 different moods. If for some reason the experience was not satisfactory, with EmotioCX it is very easy to identify the event in conflict and take the appropriate measures to remedy the negative experience.
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Voice of Customer

Discover the real pain
of your clients

The clients are brutally honest when exposing their problems, their opinions and their way of seeing things. VoC is a reflection of the affective bond that exists between your clients and your company.
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EmotioCX - Voice of Customer
EmotioCX - Cognitive Assessment
Cognitive Assessment

Customers recommend what
inspires them value and satisfaction

The fact that a satisfied customer defends a brand, service or product is a very efficient way of marketing and building short and long-term relationships.
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"Customers do not expect you to be perfect. They expect you to fix things when they go wrong".

Donald Porter
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