Measure is the key to making decisions

Emotio CX, is the only customer experience app that measures contextually with 5 metrics simultaneously, including the emotion of those who experience your products and services, obtaining instant results.
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We are the best suite for Customer Research

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Net Promoter Score

Measure the loyalty of your clients with a simple universal question.
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Net Emotional Value

Discover what kind of affective relationship you have in the short and long term.
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Customer Satisfaction

Know the satisfaction of your customers in real time, on your important touchpoints.
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Voice of Customer

Listen to what your clients have, need and want to express.
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"The first step to exceed the expectations of your customers is to meet those expectations".

Roy H. Williams
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EmotioCX - La mejor suite de CX
Data without effort in

Customer Experience

Collect the experiences that your clients live in each key point of contact of your service, learn from their frustrations and improve "those moments" that do the only thing.

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Contextual validation for

Service Design

Test and validate concepts in real time with your clients at the key points of contact for your services. Have contextual research of customers and improve your Customer Journey Maps as you empathize better with people.

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EmotioCX - Todas las métricas que importan en un solo lugar
Validation and optimization in

Climate research and Lean Marketing

Discover the pains of your clients, validate the signals you offer at your points of contact and improve the space for future interactions.

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The most complete suite for customer research

We offer the most complete CX program on the market. Use the key metrics of the industry: NPS, NEV, CSAT, VoC, VC + the power of Ethnography and Data Visualization in one place. It's so simple, it takes the client only 50 seconds to complete it!