Cognitive Assessment

All people compare their experiences with previous ones. Are you well evaluated? Small businesses estimate that 85% of their new business comes from word of mouth.

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EmotioCX - Valoración Cognitiva en siple
Cognitive Assessment

Customers recommend what
inspires them value and satisfaction

The fact that a satisfied customer defends a brand, service or product is a very efficient way of marketing and building short and long-term relationships.

Satisfied customers repeat interactions.

Loyal customers not only spend more time in the long term, but it is cheaper to keep them happy than trying to acquire a new client, which costs 6 times more.
EmotioCX - Cognitive Assessment explained in detail

Cognitive assessment in CX

EmotioCX allows you to understand each event (interaction point) at Maximum, taking advantage of each data, delivering attractive and useful graphics to generate your own monthly reports. We make it easy for you to identify your Customer Journey Maps problems and improve them.

Natural evaluation:
scan and evaluate

CA is a key part of a simplified CX program that measures the experiences of your clients in 2 phases: Interaction with touchpoint and affective perception.
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"Customer service is an opportunity to exceed the expectations of your customers".

John Jantsch
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