Net Emotional Value

Discover what kind of affective relationship you have in the short and long term. NEV is basically the act of measuring positive and negative emotions in order to understand what drives the action of preference in a short and long term relationship.

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EmotioCX - Net Emotional Value (NEV)
Net Emotional Value

Do you know what emotions
you inspire in your clients?

NEV shows how you are doing with your customer experience. Some emotions generate a short-term purchase, in turn, others do so in the long term. We allow us to understand emotions and how they generate value in any direction.

Discover the most
frequent emotions

More than 90% of the client's experience is emotional, sometimes at a conscious level and in another subconscious. These emotional reactions occur during a client's trip, from moment to moment.
EmotioCX - Net Emotional Value (NEV) in deep

We present the 4 clusters that define an affective relationship

Visualize in a single screen and with a high level of detail, the relationships of your clients according to age range, sex and percentage of importance in a long-term relationship. All in real time and without complications.

Measuring relationships in simple: scan and evaluate

NEV is part of a simplified CX program that measures the experiences of your clients in 2 phases: Interaction with touchpoint and affective perception.
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"People will not remember what you say or do, but they will always remember how you made them feel".

Maya Angelou
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